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We have so much to share with you!!! Through your donations, our trip in June of this year was a great success! We were able to provide 14 new prostheses, prosthetic supplies, and adjustments to some of our existing patients. As more and more amputees hear of the clinic, we are overwhelmed by the number of amputees in need. When you have a desire to leave no amputee behind, it is difficult to turn them away. We already have a waiting list of 15 amputees with the majority of them being above knee amputees. We have decided to try and serve the area more often. With the aid of a local liaison, Kambou Sansan Denis (Denis), computer scanning and 3D Printing, we believe our ability to change lives will be enhanced.

Now that we have the containers set and established, we have begun to look at how we could service prosthetic patients more often. We would like to be able to provide a prosthesis to some of those in need between the once a year trips that we currently perform. Denis has helped us in the past and is familiar with what we do. Our goal is to provide him with the proper knowledge and technology to assist us. He will be given the proper technology that will enable him to scan an amputee’s residual limb and send the scan directly to us. We can then custom fabricate the prosthesis here in the United States and take them with us on our trips. This technology will also allow us to offer him working knowledge and education to prepare him for these areas. Our hopes are to adequately equip him to adjust or repair a prosthesis as well. We could also use telemedicine practices for the patients there and we hope to eventually place a 3D printer in country.

EP Legacy hopes to travel to Côte d’Ivoire in the coming months to equip Denis and begin training him. With the ability to provide prostheses year-round we find ourselves in need of sustained donors. We are currently raising money for the iPad, structure scanner and the upcoming trip. Because we already know of so many above knee amputees, our goal will be to provide these prostheses as our next priority. Above knee prostheses cost more due in part to the addition of a knee.

We have two new cases for arm/hand prostheses. One of the amputees is a young lady in Abidjan, Côte d Ivoire. She lost both hands through a violent attack. Her story is very moving and we hope to share it on our website soon in English. We will be bringing back our “Tree with NO Limbs” fundraiser, so be on the lookout for the possible return of Jingles Stumpy!!
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