Would you consider changing a life today?

Your tax-deductible donation will provide an artificial limb to those in need, as part of our worldwide “Restoring Mobility Project.”

Arranging Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices for the Needy

Our Purpose

Establish prosthetic and orthotic care for all people
of the world by delivering cost-effective
solutions to their mobility needs.

Our Vision

The vision of the organization is to serve the needs of the general
public by undertaking activities to

  • 1

    Establish a pathway for making artificial limbs and orthotic devices

  • 2

    Establish the structure in the country that the mission is promoted through local means as much as possible

  • 3

    To teach local people the concepts and techniques used to produce these items

  • 4

    To develop pathways for the ordering of materials or the use of current items within the region to obtain successful outcomes for the patients in the geographical area of location

  • 5

    To continue with support in the welcoming countries as long as possible with trips scheduled as needed at least on a yearly basis to provide support and teaching for the local people and to help with any fit issues that may be necessary for trained professionals to promote the proper fitting of these individuals

  • 6

    Establish a pathway for educational opportunities to promote the facilitation of trained individuals to become treating practitioners in the countries in which they reside or establish relations with other non-profit entities that share the same common purpose for the fulfillment of this mission.

EP Legacy, Inc. purposes to create orthoses and prostheses for needy people around the world. This may be at home or abroad. We would like to see, fulfilled in our company, people benefit from prosthetic and orthotic management.

We would like to teach people to be able to provide these services for themselves and the members of their community around the world.

We accept donations

monetary and also medical items (prosthetic, orthotic, or DME items). These items may be new or used.


EPL obtains funding through outside donations. Donations for artificial limbs may be made monetary or through the donation of used parts that may be cleaned and re-used in other countries that allow for the re-use of used products.

Ex. United States is governed by the FDA and is not allowed to “re-use” products on patients. Other countries that are allowed to utilize these type components will be able to benefit from the donations of these items where applicable.

The idea is to promote the use of new or nearly new-like products on patients. The thought here is that all people, regardless of class, social status, or income, deserve to have a new prosthesis that they can depend on and will be new when received.

Any new component that is donated is routed to the use in the fabrication of a prosthesis that is specifically designed for the individual being treated.

EPL provides donors with a tax-deductible form that they can take to their CPA to have a donation amount determined for the items that they donate when they are filing taxes.

Connections have been made, and prostheses
have currently been made for people
in the following countries:

  • El Salvador
  • Latvia
  • Guatemala
  • Palestine
  • Mongolia
  • Bolivia
  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Africa

Statistics: Every 30 seconds, a leg is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world.